AnimeWave is a popular free website where you can stream anime with English subtitles and synchronizations.


What is AnimeWave?

We offer features that you would normally have to pay for on premium sites, including HD quality, smooth streaming, and, most importantly, no ads. Enjoy your favorite cartoons in peace, and that’s exactly what AnimeWave can help you with.

Is AnimeWave or Mangafire, 9anime, better for anime streaming?

AnimeWave is probably one of the best sites for free anime streaming.

Previously, this was an issue, but now that AnimeWave is ad-free while 9anime still supports ads, we can proudly say that watching anime online with AnimeWave is safer and better.

The number of pop-ups on AnimeWave is unbearable, and users not only feel insecure but also frustrated. So, use AnimeWave and enjoy a safe and smooth streaming experience – better than Manganato, 9anime, Mangafire.

Is it illegal to use AnimeWave?

Unfortunately, AnimeWave is not exactly a legal streaming website as it contains pirated content.

However, if you watch anime through this website, you don’t need to worry.

According to copyright lawyers, using pirated copies is not considered illegal and does not lead to any criminal or civil issues.

Does AnimeWave have an app?

Our official AnimeWave app is not currently available. So, if you see an app claiming to be AnimeWave, you should avoid it, as it could be suspicious.

We are working hard to release our apps as soon as possible, and we hope you find them useful and necessary. Updates about the app will appear on our website!

Advantages of AnimeWave

  • Extensive content library with thousands of anime programs.
  • HD quality (720p).
  • Seamless streaming functionality.
  • Fast, private, and secure streaming sources.
  • Rapid content updates.
  • User-friendly interface and UX.
  • Mobile-friendly and supported by Chromecast.
  • No registration or sign-up required.
  • Best customer service.

Watch anime online free and ad-free

AnimeWave is ad-free and has no pop-ups, so there is no risk of viruses or malware. AnimeWave protects you from identity theft and data loss since no registration or sign-up is required. AnimeWave is by far the safest and most reliable free online browsing website.